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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority. At Educated Households, we strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that children thrive, from a very early age, on being surrounded by pertinent role models.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

What our clients say?

"I just would like to add that I liaise with people via email consistently and I have yet to come across anyone who communicates with your style, warmth and professionalism. I am delighted to recommend your services to other parents and again, thank you for your commitment and for providing such a valuable service".
Mrs T., Kensington (London, U.K.)
about the services provided by Educated Tutors & Educated HouseHOlds
"Your science and maths tutor, "M", is an inspirational tutor. Both our children are very fond of him".
Mrs H., Holland Park (London, U.K.)
mother of two boys aged 8 & 6, - coming Over from the Middle East to have her NEW baby delivered at high-profile private hospital IN LONDON-, about Educated Tutors & Educated Households' science & maths tutor IN HIS 5th year at prestigious London medical school in London
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Educated Households sources the talent you need for your private homes or Royal Households. Worldwide.

“It is my greatest pleasure to confirm that we are absolutely delighted with your tutor “Mr. O”. In fact, it could not be any better; he is very dedicated, prepares our daughter’s lessons carefully and always gives the due consideration required for her to grasp the concepts. He never watches the hour, instead, he commits to getting the lesson completed and ensures that everything is well understood. Our daughter looks forward to seeing him with anticipation each time. She has a (very) effervescent personality and it can wear the average person down (including me) but your tutor’s patience and calm manner carries him through. The fact that he is so brilliant has earned him great respect in our daughter’s challenging eyes, accordingly she is making every effort to please him and rise to the challenges.

Once again, I reiterate my appreciation as I could have never imagined as a child to have had such a wonderful maths tutor!

We are going on holiday this weekend and maths tutor “Mr. O” is going home as well, so we look forward to continuing mid-September”.

Mrs T., Kensington (London, U.K.), mother of A. aged 8, about her daughter’s maths tutor from Educated Tutors & Educated Households

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“The French teacher that you have sent us is awesome!”

Mrs A., Knightsbridge (Central London), mother of an A-Level student

Mrs A., Knightsbridge, mother of an A-Level student who had three of our Tutors

"Thank you so much Sophie. We are absolutely delighted with the three tutors that you have provided us with this year. My son got the best possible grades in three different subjects and has now been accepted to the 1st-class university of his choice".

Educated Households - Testimonials

... Some more testimonials from our Amazing clients

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Clients' reviews

"Firstly Sophie, you missed your vocation - clearly matchmaker from Heaven!"
Educated Households - Testimonials
Mr. T., Principal at world-renowned boarding school. U.K.
About the Head of Talent's matching skills (families & clients)
"Thank you very much Sophie. My teacher in school said that my exams were A* material!"
Educated Households - What Parents Say
IGCSE student (studying French), Belgravia, London. U.K.
IGCSE student commenting on her mock exams
"Sophie, as a teacher, you are absolutely amazing"

Educated Households - What Parents Say
Mrs E.P., UHNW client, Beverly Hills, U.S.
About her 3 children who were taught French

and more...

"It's not my fault if my peers have managed to get bad tutors. I am so over the moon to have found you. I still cannot believe it!"
Educated Households - What Parents Say
Miss A., St. John's Wood, student at a prominent business school in London
Miss A. used to fare very poorly in French but she ended up with the best French grades of her promotion (A*):
"My daughter did not use to enjoy French at all until you started teaching her. Now , it's such a great pleasure to see her enjoy French so thoroughly".
Educated Households - What Parents Say
Mrs S., Chelsea, London, U.K.
Mrs S, Chelsea, whose daughter gained an A*grade for her IGCSE exams, with the best average of her class and who subsequently got into Cambridge University further to A-level exams
"You've saved my life!"

Educated Households - What Parents Say
Mrs S.'s teenage daughter, Chelsea, London, U.K.
Mrs S.'s daughter was privately-educated at a prominent establisment in Central London and subsequently got into Cambridge University


"I just enjoy my French lessons. We should stop laughing so much during our lessons as my employees will think that we do not work sufficiently!"
Educated Households - Testimonials
Mr. B., President of a Multinational Company, Central London, U.K.
Mr. B. studied business French
"Sophie, you are my secret weapon!

Educated Households - What Parents Say
Dyslexic, gifted & talented 11-year-old boy, Kensington, London, U.K.
The boy's French grades skyrocketted in school, rapidly allowing him to become the best pupil of his form
"Sophie, you are a treasure to have found. A gem to be had!"
Educated Households - What Parents Say
Mrs E., Mayfair (London), celebrity and HNW client:
About teaching French to herself, business French to her husband & general French to her four grandchildren
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Clients' Testimonials, some more...

Looking for educated staff for your private homes, Royal Palaces and onboard superyachts? Please, get in touch now: [email protected]

Miss A., UHNW & Russian-speaking superstar singer

“I cannot thank you enough. I do not know what I would have done without you!”


The young lady successfully passed her French-level exams with flying colours.

Titled Lady (with learning difficulties), Chelsea, spouse of a Lord, before starting her French lessons...

“Do you really think that I could learn French? I am severely dyslexic”.


Then, further to her 1st French lesson——>

Titled Lady, Chelsea, spouse of a Lord, After her first frencH LESSON...

“I would have never thought that learning a foreign  language would have been within my reach, let alone being able to learn a challenging language such as French. I like your approach and I like your method. You are amazing”.

Clients' Testimonials

Looking for educated staff for your private homes, Royal Palaces and onboard superyachts? Please, get in touch now: [email protected]

Mr. P., Kensington & Chelsea, auctioneer at world-renowned auction house

“My company provided me with a French teacher for ten years! Unfortunately, we never established a good rapport. As a matter of fact, I never liked that teacher. Sophie, now that we have been working together, not only do I make tremendous progress, but I look forward to every single French lesson”.

HRH / VVIP (middle east), mother of 4 children, travelling to Marbella (spain) over the summer holiday

“Sophie, how are you going to teach my four children in Spain? What are your programme and schedule going to be like?”.




HRH / VVIP (middle east), mother of 4 children,back from Marbella (spain) after the summer holiday

“Sophie, how did you manage to teach my children and other members of staff. I have no idea. One thing is sure though, they all loved it!

Educated Households - Testimonials

Clients' Reviews

"Sophie has proven to be a dedicated and committed teacher..."

Educated Households - Testimonials
On behalf of a Russian-speaking Presidential family (one of the Republics), the Russian Federation
The boy was 6 years old
"Your lessons are so fun but also subtly structured and adapted to our pace. We feel so relaxed..."
Educated Households - Testimonials
Celebrity hairdresser, award-winning hairstylist (Academy Awards /Oscars), with salons on both sides of the Atlantic, having French lessons with the firm's senior partner
Being taught French & architectural French
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