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Press Release

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Press release

London, U.K. –  30th June 2024

Educated Households, the London-based higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite and the super-wealthy has recorded, throughout the pandemic and even pre-COVID, a sharp increase in the number of private households expressing the urge to enroll full-time educated nannies (part-time nannies shall not suffice), holding university degrees, ex-teachers and governesses in their droves, in a shrewd move to give their children a leg up to academia, – even educated butlers are now in great demand on both sides of the hemispheres.

Summer is in.

At a time when billionaire families from the Middle East & worldwide are going to wave hello to the shores of the Côte d’Azur and to other paradisiac holidaying destinations, with a view to instructing their nautical crews to get their behemoth-proportioned floating Palaces all prepped up and routinely put back into tip-top shape to spend summer under warm latitudes, the clock is ticking for the discerning super-wealthy wishing to consider hiring the full-time educated household personnel that will seamlessly provide steady support to their children, – throughout the summer and over academic year  2024/2025 -. And beyond.

More and more overseas families with enormous amounts of wealth are claiming London as their main or secondary base to run their high-asset family offices, family holdings and conglomerates, turning London into a prime international educational hub nurturing an unbated hunger for private tuition, with prestigious households harbouring the wish to get their children into the most-coveted schools.

In its 2018 survey, The Sutton Trust strikingly revealed that 41 % of children received private tuition in London.

London is now bursting at the seams with after-school and secretive behind-the-scene private tutoring, in the worst-case scenarios, adding extra pressure onto the children across the board. Over the last few years, the trend has never subsided, – and in so doing -, has triggered off acute knee-jerk reactions from nervous parents caressing the hope to see their children get into the most competitive schools in the capital.

In a bid to lower the educational barometer’s cursor of the level of stress felt by children and parents alike, an increasing number of VIP, VVIP, HNW and UHNW households are seeking the most suitable avenue to alleviate this burden in order for their children to secure a place in the best educational establishments. Concurrently, an alternative to try to remedy this state of affairs has exponentially been on the rise: bringing full-time child-centric talented and inspirational educators into these private households, to boost the child’s self-esteem and confidence in a fun and engaging manner, which will then potentially be translated into premium school results.

Notably, not only do the ultra-high-net-worth households in the Middle East and worldwide emulate this London phenomenon, but those high-end overseas families push the trend to far higher heights by hiring full-time educated staff in the same fashion that they would employ the traditional full-time Mary Poppins, with the exclusive duty to focus on the client’s educational affairs in residence, on their superyachts or whilst travelling across continents for business or leisure purposes: London governesses, London nannies for your little ones, super tutors, travelling PA/EAs, travelling nannies, house managers, estate managers, etc.

Teachers are no longer the preserve of schools. Armies of full-time ex-teachers, educated governors and governesses, followed by educated butlers are now on the payroll of these luxurious households, standing as permanent staff to help the children whenever and wherever needed, even though the children still do attend full-time school. To illustrate this new trend, Sophie D., Headhunting Manager & Head of Talent at Educated Households commented: “Crucially, all around the globe, our Russian and Mandarin-speaking UHNW clients together with other ultra-wealthy households with eminent heritage are now expertly investing into supremely-educated full-time human capital to instil a love for learning in their children, at times from birth, – all this happening within their very private households, – thereby endowing these full-time top-notch educated personnel with the secret hope of propelling their offspring to state-of-the-art academia, so that the children get all geared up when time is ripe to consider leading overseas business schools, world-renowned boarding schools, Oxbridge or Ivy-league universities. And, for most of these households, the sooner the better.”

Educated Households advocates cautiously choosing your child-providing service. Effortlessly mastering a foreign language can unbelievably work wonders from the cradle. Educated Households’ Head of talent added: “I travelled the world to teach French and got in awe by what I saw. Once I briefly was a residential French tutor to an English-speaking billionaire household in Beverley Hills (Los Angeles, California). All the children were under the age of 6. The middle boy who had been assigned a full-time Chinese tutor, since he was a baby, could speak great-quality Mandarin and could answer back in Mandarin with great ease, as if Mandarin was his second nature. The eldest girl had had a French governess, so the child spoke magnificent French. Both children could respectively understand Chinese and French extremely well. The child who had a Chinese tutor could remarkably hold full conversations in Mandarin. Ditto for the eldest girl with her French governess. The baby tagging along was set to have both the Mandarin tutor and the French governess as her main educational providers so that she could seamlessly become perfectly trilingual. Basically, the best French governesses, Mandarin-speaking  or Spanish-speaking nannies, female butlers for cultural reasons or experienced palace managers are being scouted, worldwide, without respite, year in year out”.

In the billionaire’s string of assets, similarly for Royal Households, Heads of State or business legends, mastering a foreign language may come as part and parcel of their cultural awareness, – a sesame to reach out to their audiences, their peers or counterparts, in other words to woo them, to wow them or to warm up to them… and in some instances (at a later stage), even to clinch million or billion-pound deals. Queen Elizabeth II spoke French and King Charles III does speak French. Russian author Léon Tolstoï was well versed in French. Aside from having studied the Great Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek), Meta (ex. Facebook) founder Mark Zuckerberg studied French. In 2014, Zuckerberg’s language skills came to a culminating point when he famously entertained his stunned audience, in Mandarin throughout, by taking part in a question-and-answer session (Q & A) at Tsingha University in Beijing, China.

Educated Households’ educational mission is to unlock children’s passion for learning and help them sail in their journeys through academia. Educated Households only places supremely-educated household personnel holding premium university degrees and having the proven skills to equip children with the best-suited holistic approach to further inspirational learning, anywhere in the world: full-time educated nannies, tutors, butlers and much more as travel restrictions got lifted a few Easters & summers ago, and in anticipation of forthcoming academic year 2024 – 2025.

Educated Households is a higher-tier private household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority and places personnel in high-profile households around the world: HNW, UHNW, VIP, VVIP, royal families and royal palaces.

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About Educated Households

Educated Households is a pluridisciplinary team of experts, tutors, teachers, chief school inspectors, doctors, psychologists and international consultants who strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that carefully-handpicked inspirational educators are well suited to help families through their journeys in academia, most notably throughout this pandemic and pre/post-COVID.

Educated Households is a specialist provider placing supremely-educated full-time personnel with VIP, VVIP & UHNW families around the globe. Candidates are requested to hold degrees (BA, MA, PhD or MBA) from the most-reputable and recognised institutions worldwide.

S.D, Headhunting Manager & Head of Talent at Educated Households, was born in Paris and holds a Master’s Degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris (France).



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