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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for VVIP and UNHW families worldwide. We place the finest Educated Staff in the most Exclusive Households in London & worldwide”.

Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority. At Educated Households, we strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that children thrive, from a very early age, on being surrounded by pertinent role models: nannies, super tutors, butlers, EAs, PAs, house managers, estate managers, palace managers in London, Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, China…

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What we offer.

Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority.

The global élite has as an unyielding appetite for top-notch education.

London standing as an international epicentre attracting educated talents from all around the world and, most notably premium education being an ever-pressing concern to our clients, our clientele trusts our educated experts at Educated Households, be it linguists, specialised tutors, chief school inspectors or psychologists.

We provide our clients with the most sought-after educated household staff and educated linguists: nannies, VIP nannies, super tutors, teachers, governesses, governors, chief butlers able to expertly anticipate the Principals’ and the Households’ needs, butlers, female butlers within female-only Royal Households & due to cultural reasons,  house managers, estate managers, palace managers, bilingual & mutilingual educated personnel within private Households and Palaces around the world.

London is a cultural hub harbouring world-class educational establishments, in so doing, striking a cord with the most affluent & discerning UHNW and VVIP families. Our families are educated connoisseurs who are influential players in the global economy and who do not wish to rest on their laurels. Educated Households’ clients strive for their children to get into the most-coveted schools and boarding schools in the world. With this in mind, the visionary super-élite yearns to surround their children with educated household staff from a very early age, – such as educated nannies, mannies, governesses, governors, teachers & tutors -, that will shadow their children as they grow, and whose intellectual attributes these children will share in later years.

At Educated Households, we provide full-time top-tier educated staff to the most prominent and discerning families worldwide, within the comfort of their private homes, estates or on superyachts.

Families, please get in touch today on: + 44 (0) 207 856 0521.

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We are specialised in educated talent acquisition around the globe.

Educated Households places educated personnel within prestigious homes, in Royal Palaces and on superyachts worldwide.

Have you got any household & educational needs?

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Are you seeking educated nannies, super tutors or butlers for private estates, Royal Palaces and superyachts? Look no futher!

We provide experienced personnel with top-notch credentials to families and organisations in London, Russia, the Middle East, China and on a global scale.

Do you require full-time tutors, educated nannies and butlers to stand as valuable role models within your households?

Our educated staff is used to providing supreme academic support to your children, and if wished, our candidates are able to travel with the Principals and their children throughout the year.
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Educated Households sources and places premium educated personnel on a global scale, the common denominator being cristallised around education, such as…

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Parents wishing to have their children well equipped with social skills have a strong interest in good manners and étiquette. Thus, mastering these soft skills, from a very early age, is highly critical.

For our supremely high-end clients, good manners and étiquette are the building blocks of social skills leading their children to evolve with ease amongst their peers and with individuals coming from all walks of life. These intellectual assets do matter to these families as  the former allows children to stand out in any given settings and will ultimately give these children a long-held competitive edge, both in school and in social circles.

At Educated Households, we are adamant that common courtesies and social graces are best served at the dinner table yet also beyond, hence we handpick the right educated household personnel that will be able to accompany your child in their education, from within your very home, & that will allow your child to grow autonomously within resonable bounds, thereby building your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem in any social settings.

Not only do our supremely high-profile families hire full-time educated staff within their private Households, with a view to support their children throughout the academic year and beyond, but these families also do tend to travel with their educated staff worldwide whilst on vacation or for social commitments, in order for our clients’ children to seamlessly keep on benefiting from unparalleled education and polished manners, – even within an out-of-school setting -, allowing the children to notably improve upon their social skills, on any academic subjects, on the children’s language skill sets including improving on elocution when needed.

Educated Households sets its standards sky high. We seek out and headhunt talents holding Bachelor’s Degrees, – at the very least -. Most of our applicants hold Master’s Degrees or PhDs from reputable and recognised establishments around the globe. A substantial number of our candidates are Oxbridge graduates (from Oxford & Cambridge Universities). All applicants got educated at world-renowned universities or business schools and must be able to demonstrate top-of-the-crop experience with VIP, VVIP, HNW or UHNW families. The above will be requested to apply for any of our positions.

In the same vein, Educated Households wholeheartedly welcomes educated applicants who have been instrumental in getting children & students through the pathway of the most reputable independent schools in London or on a global scale.

Wherever you are based in the world, – Russia, the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Doha, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan etc.),  America, Paris, The French Riviera, London, etc. -,  we would be delighted to help with sourcing any educated staff worldwide. Please, free to reach out  and contact us at: [email protected].

(*) Please, note that we do provide full-time educated staff only. We do not provide part-time staff / temporary staff.

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Our Educated Tutors.Our Super Tutors. Our London Governesses. Our Educated Governesses. Our London Nannies. Our Overseas Nannies. Our Trained Butlers.
Your Educated Talents for your VIP, VVIP, HNW, UHNW & Royal Families.


Totally Dedicated to  Catering For all your educational needs within your private homes worldwide

We work with patient, smart and inspirational full-time educated tutors who are endowed with pedagogical skills and who can develop the tutee’s potential to its fullest, in the comfort of your home.

As excellence matters at Educated Households and as we are committed to providing the best household tutoring solutions, we are specialised in the placement of educated, qualified, experienced and talented educators. We endeavour to find only the finest candidates who have a genuine interest in your child’s intellectual development and who can offer “la crème de la crème” of their abilities to your child’s education.

Educated Households select the finest teachers, tutors, governesses & governors educated to a degree level, who can demonstrate excellence in the very subject they are experts in. Educated Households’ clientele is very cosmopolitan and comes from all continents. We can also provide support to pupils who have been assessed as “Gifted and Talented”: children who are predominantly ahead of their peers and year groups at school.

Educated Households offers a vast range of academic subjects, whereby all levels are taught, from very beginners to the most advanced students. All tutors come to us with superb proven credentials and polished experience.

Our educated tutors & educated governesses are all the more well aware of the niceties and intricacies of the very subject they are specialised in as they qualified from the most prestigious establishments, business schools and top-notch universities worldwide:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Université de la Sorbonne, Paris
  • Université de Paris-Dauphine
  • Sciences-Po
  • HEC Paris
  • LSE (London School of Economics)
  • MIT (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Ivy-league universities: Harvard, etc.

Our tutors may non-exaustively be specialised in French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Latin, Ancient Greek, Russian, Maths, Science, Finance, PPE (Philosphy, Politics & Economy), Art, Music, Medecine & Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Whether you wish your children to exceed academic expectations, to remain top-of-the-class pupils or should you find out about any declining academic results & lack of confidence… Educated Households provides “The Solution”.

One of the common reasons as to a child or older student’s dislike of an academic subject is lack of confidence.

When you think that you have reached the point of no return in the dislike of a subject through declining academic results, our inspirational educated tutors work wonders at creating a positive environment allowing your children to regain confidence in enjoying learning and faith in success.

Educated Households

Confidence restored!

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At Educated Households, our specialist educated tutors are passionate about their teaching and tutoring. Due to our tutors’ very strong academic backgrounds, they can confidently pass their knowledge and expertise onto their students.

The uniqueness of one-to-one home tutoring offers our educated tutors the ideal format, – away from the bustle of the classroom mostly in these Covid-19 times -, to focus on each child’s individual needs allowing your child to be back on track, to thrive, and get outstanding & lasting exams results, provided that realistic targets are set by the parents & the tutors / governessses from the onset within an achievable time schedule.

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Educated Households caters for UNWH and VVIP clients & students requiring guaranteed success as to their exams or who want to learn in a relaxed atmosphere through well-structured and thought-out lessons. Please, feel free to email us or call us today to discuss your tutoring requirements.