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"Placing educated personnel within VIP homes & Royal Palaces worldwide"

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Educated Households, higher-tier household agency catering for  private offices, VIP, VVIP and UNHW families worldwide
“Placing the finest Educated Staff in the most Exclusive Households in London & worldwide”: nannies, super tutors, butlers, PAs, EAs, house managers, estate managers, palace managers in London, Monaco, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong… For any enquiries, please
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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority. At Educated Households, we strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that children thrive, from a very early age, on being surrounded by pertinent role models.

About us - "Educated Households is a London nanny agency, a pluridisciplinary team of international experts composed of heads of talent, tutors, teachers, chief school inspectors, psychologists, doctors and specialist consultants placing supremely-educated personnel within high-profile homes & Royal Households worldwide."


Totally Dedicated to  Catering For all your educational needs within your private homes

Educated Households Nanny Agency


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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority.

The Founder and Managing Director of Educated Households was born in Paris and is French-mother tongue. She was educated to a degree level at the prestigious University of La Sorbonne (Paris, France). The Sorbonne, – university establishment -, founded in XIIIth century, undoubtedly exemplifies a tradition for excellence, where she obtained a Master’s Degree. She also holds another Diploma in Business.

Furthermore, our Founder is a well-seasoned private French teacher & business French teacher and tutor used to teaching the global élites, – in their private Households and in corporate settings -, both in London & overseas for almost two decades. Throughout her teaching career, she has become a specialist French educator teaching UHNW & VVIP Russian-speaking families both in London & in Russia, – teaching within business circles or at a presidential level -. Therefore, she has a thorough understanding of parental expectations emanating from her demanding Russian-speaking clients for whom education stands at the upper rung of the ladder.

Internationally, she has gained her premium teaching experience by teaching exclusive Head of State families in different parts of the hemispheres, – children & adults -, in Russia, Moscow, Kazan, the Middle East, Dubai, New York, Beverly Hills, Monaco, Switzerland, Montreux, the French Riviera and London; she travelled the world in this capacity.

As her international clientele does value the uniqueness of her multi-sensory teaching approach, crystallised around a constant quest for quality, together with state-of-the-art and tailor-made lessons, she has been led to teach the most prominent families and personalities testifying to the impressive portfolio of clients that she has worked with in London and around the globe.

Educated Household’s Managing Director has extensive teaching experience helping her students get into the most sought-after schools and boarding schools: Westminster, St. Paul’s, Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities), etc. In addition, she has worked with pupils who have been assessed as “Gifted and Talented”: pupils and students who are predominantly ahead of their peers & ahead of their year groups at school or at university/business school.

Our Founder has a proven track record of teaching the most exclusive target-driven clients and captains of industry. As such, she is adamant that, at Educated Households, total discretion is paramount and that the same effort must be put in the search process & when it comes to handpicking and headhunting the right full-time educated staff for your private Households.

Educated Households has a client base that comes from all corners of the world.

Our CIS & School Inspectors

At Educated Households, our School Inspectors & CIS* Auditors (Masters & PhD) have extensive experience inspecting schools in France, auditing the most renowned schools &  boarding schools in Switzerland,  schools in the Middle East and beyond. 

With a global mobility, our School Inspectors leading our recruitment team & Heads of Talent are happy to directly discuss any educational recruitment needs of Educated Households’ global clientele encompassing high-profile decision makers and Royal Households in the Middle East, Russia or further afield, in particular when it comes to recruiting VVIP residential tutors specialised in French, high-calibre tutors specialised in any other languages and residential tutors with a mathematical background.

Should parents wish to hire educated nannies for VVIP cients and Royal Households, you are equally at the right port of call as our School Inspectors and our educated teams are well aware of the sky-high standards expected by the best schools around the world.

Thus, Educated Households is ideally placed to source the best educated talents globally accordingly on behalf of education-driven families.

(*) CIS: Council of International Schools

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Educated Households
Higher-tier household agency placing educated staff in UHNW and VVIP Households wordwide
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Educated Households
Higher-tier household agency placing educated staff in UHNW and VVIP Households wordwide
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Educated Households
We headhunt the best-suited educated household staff for high-profile homes and Royal Palaces worldwide
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The importance of languages in education and childcare

France is the most visited country in the world averaging around 90 million visitors per year, renowned for its unparalleled history, culture and gastronomy. France is the epitome of “art de vivre” and “savoir-vivre”, no wonder that there has been an ever-growing demand for French-speaking nannies, bilingual nannies, bilingual governesses, tutors & super tutors in London and overseas, pre-COVID and during the pandemic,  within prime super-homes, royal palaces and on superyachts.

Additionally, in sixteenth-century France, before the era of modern French, Latin and most significantly regional dialects were widely spoken. Under the aegis of François Ier (Francis I), King of France, French became the official language in 1539. Speaking French was the preserve of the French élite and this cultural tradition spread over the most prestigious Royal courts in Europe. French then turned out to be the language of diplomacy.

Moreover, through her teaching over the years in London, Russia, New York, Beverly Hills, the Middle East & the South of France, at Presidential level or in Royal circles, not only has our Founder witnessed an ever-growing demand for French-speaking teachers among her international clients, but she has also witnessed a need for educated nannies, VIP nannies, educated mannies, educated governesses & educated tutors, VVIP tutors being able to speak and teach other foreign languages.

As an experienced teacher on account of almost twenty years’ experience, our Founder has had a long-held belief that teaching French, as well as placing educated staff within the most prestigious Households in London & worldwide, leave absolutely no room for amateurism. Then, mastering a foreign language from a very early age, with the help of a perfectly bilingual or multilingual highly-educated tutor, governess or educated nanny, is no longer a daunting task for your child. This natural learning process, through play activities, then becomes an invaluable asset in your child’s development.

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Bilingualism as an asset

In addition, psycholinguists have demonstrated the astounding bilingual abilities of children when it comes to learning a language at a very early age. Children are indeed endowed with linguistic mechanisms, allowing them to abstract information when switching from one language to another, in order to adapt & to ajust to the very person they speak to.

Due to the plasticity of children’s brains, countless of researchers have stressed that these children will gain an edge, at an older age, over their peers in school both in terms of intellectual development and in school achievements & results.

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