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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for VIP, VVIP and UHNW families, placing supremely educated personnnel with prominent families around the world: full-time nannies, tutors, governesses, lady’s maids, petites mains for Haute Couture owners, butlers, PAs/EAs, travelling PAs,  house managers, palace managers, estate managers, fitness coaches, football coaches, martial arts champions, art consultants, etc.

Our leadership team is led by our Founders & by our team of School Inspectors. 

If you are an independent school or a boarding school, based in France or overseas, implementing the French syllabus (programme de l’Education Nationale Française), please do get in touch with us for a confidential consultation. Dr. Louisette Caux, – School Inspector & CIS Auditor -, together with her fellow School Inspectors will be delighted to help. 

Our School Inspectors share a wealth of experience and are well travelled. As such,  Educated Households can arrange consultancy  services for your organisation and set up workshops for Principals and School Heads, in France and overseas, or for schools whose teachers are in need of training (newly-qualified teachers, special needs…).

Furthermore, Educated Households can set up tripartite meetings anywhere in the world, – with our School Inspectors, our experienced teachers and Norland-trained nannies -, for the attention of private families, in order to discuss parental expectations when it comes to household education being introduced at an early stage within visionary private households.

For further information, please email us and one of our specialist advisors will get in touch: 

[email protected]

Dr. Louisette Caux, PhD

School Inspector for french schools & Teacher trainer in mainland france; also, futher afield, for schools based in mayotte, the comorian islands, qatar...

Dr. Louisette Caux was a teacher before becoming an Inspector of the French National Education in 1991.

Promotion Major (graduated as a top-tier Inspector). Majore de Promotion.

overseas leadership missions, such as: delegated school inspector in doha & cis consultant for schools and for boarding schools in lausanne and in geneva.

  • BA in History. University of Artois, France.
  • Master 2: French as a Foreign Language / Educational Engineering. University of Artois, France.
  • PhD in History. University of Côte d’Opale, France.

Credentials - school inspector & CIS Auditor

France, Mayotte, Switzerland, Qatar ...

Managed an academic mission for history & language proficiency. 

Created educational tools for teachers and pupils. Trained teachers.

Coordinated the production of digital tools, used by teachers nationally and in a few countries (in Switzerland, in Qatar, etc.): “Réseau Canope, série Les Fondamentaux”. 

policies ' implementation & programmes' management

Assessment & professional development of teachers.

French programmes: implementation, pupils’ monitoring, assessments.

Intercultural abilities: objectives & implementation.

Inclusion – children with special needs.

School inspector in French territories & overseas

Dr.  Louisette Caux started her career as a School Inspector in France in 1991. As such,  she has a thorough knowledge of the French Educational System and official policies. She has experience working with State schools, independent schools & private schools in France and internationally.

Dr. Caux’s experience has then led her to work with CIS teams in Qatar and in Switerzland.

dr. Louisette Caux's Expertise

Strategic planning

In addition to strategic planning, Dr. Louisette Caux's work also includes designing educational tools and supporting newly-qualified teachers through educational programmes as well as devising assessment systems.

Regarding international schools or schools with French programmes, Dr. Caux can also help with the following areas:

Assessment and monitoring of teaching staff. Training all categories of staff regarding French syllabi.

Providing training to teachers when it comes to teaching French as Foreign Language (FFL) and French as a Second Language (FSL).

Intercultural approaches & learning through the syllabi.

Inclusion - Getting children with special needs schooled.

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Private staff for VIP families
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