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"Placing educated personnel within VIP homes & Royal Palaces worldwide"

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Norland Nannies – Educated Households, higher-tier household agency catering for VVIP and UNHW families worldwide
“Placing the finest Educated Staff in the most Exclusive Households in London & worldwide”. For any enquiries, please
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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority. At Educated Households, we strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that children thrive, from a very early age, on being surrounded by pertinent role models.

Fantastic Qualified Nannies & Norland Nannies
for your Little Ones: + 44 (0) 207 856 0521

At Educated Households, we strive for the child’s interest to supremely come first. At all times. Our families are often keen on hiring educated nannies & Norland Nannies with the above in mind.


We place professional nannies with unequivocal quality experience


Our  experts are devoted to sourcing the most coveted and resourceful professionals


We serve families on both sides of the hemispheres

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Educated Households - Norland Nannies

Educated Nannies, London Nannies, London Governesses, VIP Nannies & Norland Nannies for your VVIP homes or Royal Households wordwide

Educated Households is totally dedicated to meeting  your educational needs within the comfort of your private households & Royal Palaces around the globe: London, Russia, China, the Middle east & further afield.

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