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What is onboarding?


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At Educated Households, we set up onboarding workshops for employers. For further information, please contact us below.
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"Onboarding is the prime opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new employees".

Arlene Hirsh, 10th August 2017


We run étiquette & cultural awareness workshops. Please, contact us for further information.
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Getting hired in a new private household requires understanding from the new hire and from the employer alike. And, it is paramount for the new employee to be culturally aware to promote inclusion.

Employers do want their children and their households’ needs to be properly catered for and new employees need to feel that they do matter as newcomers.

Some private households may find it somewhat difficult to retain the best talent within their organisations. Then, it becomes absolutely critical for the employers to create a robust onboarding process to further long-lasting communication channels. In so doing, families can build their new hires’ confidence, increase engagement with their new employees thereby creating a ‘culture’ of retaining talent for the years ahead.

Educated Households I Onboarding
Educated Households - Onboarding
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High-Profile Homes Are micro-Societies With Their Own Codes and family Values that May Need Deciphering On Behalf Of the New Hires.

So then, how to remedy this state of affairs?

In this day and age, the most prominent families go above and beyond to attract talent.

As children grow, invariably, their childcare and educational needs do evolve. Savvy employers valuing cultural awareness and staff retention deem successful onboarding as part and parcel of their recruitment proccesses. These employers do factor in their staff already in place to promote stability towads the children, and additionally, those employers may  consider new specialist staff in order to further their children’s academic development.

Our team of specialists at Educated Households have collaboratively been assisting families help their children sail through their journeys to academia by headhunting the best suited personnel on their behalf.

In order to build and foster a strong and perennial employer-employee relationship, we are instrumental in helping our families implement a robust onboarding strategy, within their organisations, to facilitate a seamless new staff inclusion that will nurture staff retention in their fully-staffed households for the years to come.

The Aim of Efficient onboarding Is To Get new hires All Geared up for success in their new households



Educated Households provides onboarding consultancy services with our in-house specialists & School Inspectors.


cultural awareness

We set up workshops that are beneficial to both Families & Candidates. These workshops are run by our School Inspectors.


Etiquette workshops

Educated Households' preferred étiquette providers are used to travelling around the globe to deliver our étiquette workhops.

Our team of experts

With decades of Premium experience, Each and every one of us, within Educated Households' team, are prepared to help you achieve your goals. and beyond.

Private households with children

Working in private households comprising children is a job like no other. It is one of the very few jobs where reporting to the parents can hardly be delegated, - in the child's best interest -.

Parents may wish to regularly be informed as to their children's progress, as direct reports, without the filter of a third party within the household, in order for the parents to be timely equipped to make the right decisions at the right time, when it comes to the child's development, no matter how busy the Principals might be.

When onboarding comes into play

A memorable employee onboarding will definitetely get your new hire to swiftly adhere to your organisation's culture and family values. Relaying family values to the new hire, very early on, mostly if the new employee is to work with the children of the household, is paramount. Being officially introduced to the rest of the staff by a high-ranking family's representative or by the Principals themselves, comes a long way. This will be speeding up the validation of the new staff in the eyes of the staff already in place and will drive the new employee's sense of belonging to the new organisation, prompting this employee to want to excel and deliver. It is vital for employers’ new hires to have an optimal onboarding experience. Should the new hires be subject to a lackluster onboarding, these new employees might prematurely jump ship, not even seeing the end of their probation periods. Career experts reckon that almost 70% of new employees are more likely to stay with an organisation for three years "if they experience great onboarding" (*).

(*) Statistics by “Click Boarding”, an onboarding software company based in Eden Prairie, Minnoseta, USA. These statistics demonstrate the value of a structured onboarding process.

For further reading about retaining your valuable private household staff...

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Bonnie law-Kramen

For further reading, if you are an advocate about leveraging the workplace for it to become a better place for employers and employees alike, we highly recommend embarking upon reading Staff Matters by Bonnie Low-Kramen.

For 25 years, Bonnie Low-Kramen worked as a Personal Assistant to Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis. Bonnie is a founding member and former President of “New York Celebrity Assistants (NYCA)”, crème-de-la crème association of executive personal assistants to celebrities. Remarkably, Bonnie is the best-selling author of the go-to-resource book for celebrity assistants supporting high-powered principals, “Be the Ultimate Assistant.

Bonnie Low-Kramen was featured in Forbes, is a TEDx speaker, a lecturer & a much sought-after public speaker who has made foray into 14 countries and 38 states whilst having had more than 1000 one-on-one meetings with assistants, leaders & human resources stakeholders in America and from all over the world.

Bonnie Low-Kramen was featured in Forbes & on the “Easemakers Podcast”. To listen to Bonnie’s interview on Easemakers, please listen to it right here: “Easemakers“.


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