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Families/Register - Ready to hire one of our educated nannies in London & Overseas, governesses, super tutors, butlers, celebrity PAs and much more... for your VIP homes, Royal Households or superyachts around the world?

Parents, email us below or call us to register on: + 44 (0) 207 856 0521 for us to get started your search...

Totally Dedicated to  Catering For all your educational needs within your private homes worldwide 

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Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for VVIP and UNHW families worldwide. We place the finest Educated Staff in the most Exclusive Households in London & worldwide”.

Educated Households is a higher-tier household agency catering for the global élite who deems education as an absolute priority. At Educated Households, we strongly believe that education is a lifelong odyssey and that children thrive, from a very early age, on being surrounded by pertinent role models.

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Educated Households places educated personnel in prestigious Households around the globe. Should you wish to send us an enquiry to initially register in order to hire one of our top-of-the-crust talented professionals, please fill out the form below so that we can start the search for the right candidates forthwith.

Then, one of our team experts will get in touch in with you  to discuss your educational and staffing needs further.   As we have partnered with  “Nanny Tax” & “Staff Tax”, we are a phone call away should you need to have payroll organised. 

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