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Educated Households - Being Visionary - London Nanny Agency - London Governess Agency

Being Visionary...

Provide your children with the educational tools to succeed now!

Educated Households - Being Visionary - London Nanny Agency - London Governess Agency


Being Visionary...

Discerning Parents

Quality education is supremely valued by the discerning parent wishing their children to have an educational edge, very early on. At Educated Households, we deem education as a lifelong odyssey and our families are happy to opt for educated professionals, - within their private Households -, that will help supervise and accompany their children in their emotional, developmental and educational journeys leveraging their children’s social skills.

Future Generations

The common denominator to discerning parents and business tycoons is that education is well worth investing for the sake of future generations. Over the last few years, business magnates have set precedents in this realm, by donating gigantic amounts of money, to further education within world-famous business institutions and iconic university establishments. In that wake, in 2018, world-renowned MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) became the recipient of $ 350 million & Yale was donated $ 150 million. To crown it all, Cambridge University was endowed with £ 100 million & Oxford University received £ 150 million / $ 188 million in 2019, - the largest donation ever gifted to Oxford University (*) -.

Child's Development

When it comes to the child’s personal development, parents may also wish to wholeheartedly embrace bilingualism and nurture their children’s love of learning by hiring educated personnel trained in modern languages or in the Classics (Ancient Greek & Classical Latin).

What We Offer

At Educated Households, we can provide bilingual or classically-trained educated nannies, London nannies, travelling nannies, overseas nannies, VIP nannies, super tutors, governesses, Palace Managers and any educated personnel specialised in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that will undoubtedly positively impact your children as they grow taking them to unimaginable heights.

Educated Households - Being Visionary - London Nanny Agency - London Governess Agency
Educated Households - Being Visionary - London Nanny Agency